Jun 9, 2015

Summer in San Francisco Wishlist

It's safe to say that summer and winter months in San Francisco aren't much different from the usual weather we have which stays at a constant 60-80 degrees. With that said, when Dresslink asked me to make a fashion wishlist for them, I did not hesitate! Dresslink is an online shop that is based in Hong Kong that offers trendy fashion staples. Are you on a budget? Besides already having ridiculously affordable clothes, they are currently having a sale, so check out their special offers today! 

In the meantime, check out my top 3 picks: 

1. Flowy tops -
During hot months, I don't like wearing tight clothes. I prefer fabrics like chiffon that won't cling to my body. This chiffon tank top (Retail price $3.68 US) which comes in white or black is so adorable and perfect to wear with a cool pair of distressed jeans or shorts. Some people steer away from black during the summer months, but when it's made from a nice flowy material, it still feels cooling!

2. Tote bags 
During the summer, I notice I carry a lot more stuff than I do in the winter! Maybe it's because I'm trying to fit my wallet, sunnies, sunscreen, blotting powder, and the rest of my necessities into my tiny shoulder bag. Now I just go right for a tote bag. This leather crocodile patterned bag (Retail price $3.40 US) is timeless and can be worn in any weather. 

3. Long cardigans
This trend made their big splash last winter, but I think they are going to stick around. These long cardigans (Retail price $6.69 US) are perfect for summer nights when the wind starts kicking in and you're still wearing short shorts and a light tank top. I can't even count how many times my friends have extended are days out and I end up freezing at the end of the night. 

Do you have any unconventional fashion tips for the summer? Leave it in the comments below! 

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  1. the black basic dress is really nice!

    x Maria
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