Jun 22, 2015

Summer in San Francisco | Styled

Remember those awesome pieces I chose out in my "Summer in San Francisco Wishlist" post? Well, Dresslink sent me all of those items to review! First of all, I loved styling this chiffon tank top with the long cardigan. The tank top is one of those items that are so versatile and I can wear it over and over and no one will really notice. Is it weird that I only wanted it because the photo they used to show the shirt was of Alexa Chung? I just love her and she seriously helped me make the right choice with this one haha! To add a little bit of an edge, I decided to go with my American Eagle Outfitter distressed boyfriend jeans and my strappy black heels. The bag came in really handy when the weather got a little hot and I needed a place to put my cardigan. What did I tell you about large tote bags for the summer? It's a must have! 

What I'm wearing: 
Chiffon Tank Top: http://bit.ly/1Jq0jgb - ($3.68 US) 
Leather crocodile patterned bag: http://bit.ly/1eSmvmq ($3.40 US)
Long Cardigan: http://bit.ly/1KIabz0 ($6.69 US) 
Strappy Heels | Charlotte Russe
Distressed Boyfriend Jeans | American Eagle Outfitters


*This post contains sponsored links to items from Dresslink.com. All thoughts and comments about the clothing are my own.


  1. Lisa you look fantastic, I love the heels paired with the long cardigan and the bag!

  2. gorgeous outfit, love your style! and the knot in the front of the top is super stylish, i so wanna try that now :D

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  3. Oooh, that top's twist though! Love it girl, and digging the duster-length cardigan :D

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