Dec 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Can you believe there are only FIVE days left until Christmas? I just need to pick up a few more things for my extended family and I will officially be done with my holiday shopping. After going through everyone on my list, I thought I would create a little guide for my readers on the perfect gift for everyone on their list!

So if some of you out there are stuck and not sure what to get for your loved ones, no worries, you've come to the right place! I hope this list will get your shopping-brain juices flowing and it'll spark some ideas while you're narrowing down the perfect gift. I am also including a quick list of tips to use so that you are well-prepared for anything that comes your way!

For the: Fabulous Fashionista
Holiday Gift Guide: Fab Fashionista

For the: Beauty Junkie

For the: Tech Lover

Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Junkies

For the: The Dapper Gentleman 

Holiday Gift Guide: The Dapper Gentleman

Quick Tips 
- Always request a gift receipt with every purchase
- Try to stay clear of sweaters and jeans (unless you know their exact size!)
- Shop early in the morning to find the best deals
- Check out sites that offer free shipping to save time and money
- Do not over do it! Always spend within your means
- If you are short on time, go to stores with the biggest selections (Target, Macy's)

Remember, it's the thought that counts. A small meaningful gift always beats a huge expensive present!

Happy Holidays everybody,

♥ Lisa


  1. Great list! And those tips are definitely something I have to keep in mind every holiday season. I tend to overdo it and spend way more than my budget allows just because I can't help but want to spoil my family and friends. This year I'm going simple and sweet with special gifts and homemade sweets!

    I want the Frends headphones so bad...

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