Feb 7, 2014

Love Me Again

I've been loving this new artist named John Newman, so I dedicate this post to one of my current favorite songs by him called "Love Me Again." His voice is just one of the coolest voices I've heard in awhile. Here's a link if you want to check him out, although I'm sure you've heard him on the radio already! My bf actually introduced me to this artist, so it's pretty awesome because that's all we blast in the car now.

As for my outfit, it's been cold and windy all week here in Northern CA, so I bundled up! This weather is good for two reasons: 1.) Because apparently we've been in a drought all year and 2.) it gives me a chance to wear all of my trench coats, parkas, etc. Although I don't really feel like going out at all in this weather. I'd rather relax at home with a hot cup of coffee and catch up on HIMYM.

Outfit Details
Jacket, Bag, & Crop Top: F21
High Waisted Jeans: A&E

1 comment:

  1. Yeaaaah, love his song! It's so catchy too, and I love his voice <3
    Great outfit, the boots are perfect!

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