Jan 29, 2014

What's In My Bag?

I've always loved "What's in my bag?" posts!  Maybe I'm just curious, but there is just something cool about seeing what people carry around with them everyday. So today, I thought I would make one myself! My bf bought me this beautiful MK bag for Christmas that I have been sporting everyday since I got it. This was really fun for me, so I hope you enjoy!

List of Items
1. MARC by Marc Jacobs Wallet - This bag carries my money and all of my essentials.

2. Mac Lipstick - I always carry the lipstick I'm currently wearing for touch ups after eating.

3. Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer - Yes, I'm guilty of being one of those crazy hand sanitizer people.

4. Ray-Ban Clubmasters sunglasses - To cover my eyes from the harsh California sun.

5. Chloe rollerball perfume - I carry this around everywhere to ensure I always smell nice in any situation. Rollerballs are a amazing!

6. Altoids in Cinnamon - I read in a magazine that cinnamon flavored mints are the only type of mints that actually work, so that's the only kind I buy. I'm not sure if it's actually true, but I've grown a liking to these.

7. EOS lipbalm - I have become so use to lip balms that it feels weird when my lips are naked.

8. Mac Blotting Powder - This is so helpful if you have oily skin. I use it specifically for my t-zone.

9. Fifi Lapin Case by c/o Iconemesis on an iPhone 4s - How cute is this case? I've been in love with this case since I received it. My boyfriend said Fifi's big round sunglasses reminds him of the ones I wear.

Now, if you haven't done one of these yet, I suggest you do! It's fun to see all of the little knick knacks that are essential to our everyday lives.

<3 Lisa


  1. You know whats in your bag? Cuteness.
    Seriously, everything is so cute!


  2. Really pretty wallet! I almost bought a Marc Jacobs one as well :)

  3. Haha, Katie said it right. Cuteness is in your bag, that's what!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Agreed--- "What's in my bag" posts are so much fun. I am particularly intrigued by your cinnamon theory… wonder if I should make the switch!

  5. I love that michael kors pouch!
    Everything is so awesome!
    I have the same perfume, it's the best!