Aug 6, 2013

Let's Crop It!

It is safe to say that crop tops have been all the rage this summer! Along with these crop tops, there has been a long drawn out revival of other past trends such as platform shoes, big round sunglasses, and boxy jean jackets (Think Spice Girls or Kelly Kapowski <3)! But for me personally, I love crop tops with a nice pair of high waisted shorts or a maxi skirt! How I see it is that crop tops cut out the extra fabric that usually would need to be tucked into my bottoms. Particularly, I have been loving the simple cotton shirt crop tops. They fit my style better than the bustier crop tops, so I definitely think that there is a crop top fitting of almost every type of style out there. Here are just some of my favorites!


Have you tried the crop top trend, yet? Let me know! 


  1. So true, paired with high waists, crop tops are just killer! Love them! I need to lose some fat around by belly first before I can wear any though haha <3

  2. These always scare me...I need more high waisted stuff to pull this off. Haha, I have flabby abs -_-

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  3. I love cropped tops! I love tight fitted ones, loose fitted, turtle neck ones! I just love them!

    I've started following you blog on GFC and BlogLovin' and I hope you return the favor!

    Cassie Paige
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  4. I love crop tops! I just need to make sure I wear a high waisted skirt or something high waisted and I am good to go!

  5. crops rock - BUT how long do you think they are going to last for? I hope awhile. I am still surprised the mullet dresses/shirts/skirts are still kicking.


  6. Omg i'm such a fan of cropped tops! I agree with Mindy - looks great with high waisted skirt or maxis! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  7. I love the idea of crop tops but not the best at styling them. Or even choosing one to buy in the first place, there's so many cute ones! haha

  8. I really like this selection! :)
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  9. They are cool - great choice!
    Greetings from Vienna :)

  10. Love them with high-waisted shorts as well!