Jul 16, 2013

My Summer Must Have Trends!

My Favorite Summer Must Have!

I have really been enjoying this season so much. Although SF's weather is very sporadic, it makes me appreciate the sun and not take it for granted. I especially love all of the summer trends that have come along with the nice hot weather. When Persunmall asked me to tell them what would my summer fashion wishlist consist of, I did not hesitate to tell them at all!

1. Graphic tees- I love all of the graphic tees this summer! They are so fun and playful, which makes it perfect for a hot summer day at the beach.

2. Floral dresses- Am I the only one that feels that floral prints are just a summer essential? This is the time when flowers bloom, so why not commemorate this beautiful season by rocking some floral?

3. Loafers- I love loafers. These particular loafers look awesome. They make me think of summer because they remind me of picnic baskets. I have a pair of leather loafers that I wear during the colder months, so this would be perfect for the summer!

4. Lastly, this skirt is PERFECTION. I've been seeing it everywhere, and I just love the clean and classy look it gives my fashionistas!

So what are your favorite summer trends? I would love to know! <3


  1. I am on board with all these trends except I do not wear loafers much. BUT I am on board with the metallic boat shoe trend!


    Dressing Ken

  2. i love this summer's fashion. I haven't found a skirt like that yet, but I'm still looking for one! but actually all I need for summer is a nice dress (actually I have 20 of them), some comfortable sandals and sunglasses :)


  3. I´m in love with the skirt, too! Unfortunately Zara didn´t have my size :/

  4. I love the simplicity of loafers and they are great for going to the beach too! The graphic tee in the picture is so nice and chic :)

    Kathryn x

  5. the clean cut skirt looks awesome, I've been wanting one!! love your picks!

  6. The skort is definitely one to have!! I don't own it but wish sometimes I did! haha

  7. The skort is literally everywhere! But it's still amazing!


  8. Love, Love, Love this skirt:D:) I have seen it so many times but never in a shop, always ppl wearing it:)
    Great finds:)


  9. Very beautiful floral dress ;)

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