Jul 26, 2013

July Favorites

(via Instagram @thelovelymemoir)

1. I love Babylips. I was persuaded to buy it when I saw all of the rave reviews from my favorite beauty bloggers and friends. They glide on your lips, aren't sticky AT ALL, and the original one has SPF 20! I'm great at putting sunscreen on my skin and body, but I never wore sunscreen on my lips. I realized that that had to change pronto. Now my lips are protected with these babies. There's always sales on them at drugstores, so you'll probably be able to score a sweet discount on them. 

2. In my June Favorites, I told you all about a sponge applicator that I've been loving for my foundation. Well, I went back and got the one on a stick. I like this because it's more hygienic, but I do feel that the original shape sponges give you more control. I still prefer both over a brush any day.

3. Matte Nail Polish Top Coat! I was shopping at H&M and I saw this near their new Beauty section. It works really well, and I've been using it over all of my nail polishes! I can't wait to start trying out intricate designs using the matte look.


  1. Wow, a sponge on a stick! That sounds and looks like a really cool idea I would love to try :D

  2. wow nice collection

  3. Ooh, I've heard such good things about Baby Lips! I think I'll have to try it

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