Mar 21, 2013

The Coldest First Day of Spring

Did you guys hear that the groundhogs predictions were wrong this year? We're still in winter season. Why must you toy with us ground hog? But on the bright side, I don't have to pack up my knitted cardigans just yet. I randomly bought this cardigan from Old Navy a while back and did not really think much of it. But as the months went by, I noticed I kept grabbing it, simply because it went with everything I wore. So, that is what I decided to wear today. My long knitted navy blue cardigan, white button down top, and my studded boots from Myhotshoes. I liked the cool flap that envelops the outside of the boots. It adds a lot of character to the shoes.

On another note, I've been hearing a lot of talk about GFC shutting down. So please, if you are following me, and want to continue to read my blog, follow me through BlogLovin! Once I get the message that you followed by blog, I will follow you back. Let's stay connected through this sad transition.



  1. Seriously, its so messed up with this cold spring weather! I'm dying to start shedding layers, but definitely can't afford to yet...sigh.
    Ah well. Love the cool boots and your long duster-like cardigan.
    Also, I've been following you through Bloglovin for a while now :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. cute outfit! love that delicate gold necklace

  3. Lovely combination!