Nov 2, 2012

5th Parka

It's another cold day in the bay, and I have bought ANOTHER parka. I'm at a total of 5 parkas now, but you know what? They're so worth it for these cold days in SF! This one I got is a forest green color that I luckily found at F21 with my friend Charisse, who by the way, also loves parkas! I paired it with a pair of tan leather boots because I thought the colors contrasted well that I look at it, I know why...I look like a tree (green top & brown bottoms, see it?)! Sometimes nature has all of the answers! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons because of the fashion that comes along with it. It's not just about throwing on short shorts and tank tops and calling it a day, I can layer and layer as much as I want.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


Outfit: Parka & Boots | Forever 21, Bag | Vintage-Vanessa, Sunglasses | Ray Ban Clubmasters


  1. Very chic!! Makes me wish it was winter here again xD

  2. I loooove it! I wish Puerto Rico's weather would let me dress like that :(


  3. Haha, that's my favorite thing about this time of year too - LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS!!! Haha, summer is just too...easy I guess, to dress for. But when it gets cold we can play around more with fashion :)
    Anyway, nice investment in that parka - so cute!

    Trendy Teal

  4. F21 is great. You can find all sorts of cute stuff there. Good parka. Perfect for a cold day.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle

  5. It's getting chilly-ish here in Hawaii. The nights are getting a little cooler, but our days are still warm. hee hee. Lovin' the parka, Lisa! The sunnies are super amaze, too. They look fab on you. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. Wish I could pull off a parka like you do ;)
    and I also love this time of the year!

  7. Great jacket!

  8. I love this jacket! Nice outfit!
    X Deja
    Deja Zu

  9. well I've also been on a hunt to find a good parka, but I don't know the ones I try make me look way big, they're definitely warm but they're too big for me.
    And no You don't look like a tree Lisa ahahahah only on the colours. But yes i agree with you nature sometimes has the answers ahahah
    Good weekend to you as well!

  10. p.s: I love your vintage sunglasses, they're mesmerizing!

  11. I much prefer the layering seasons too!

  12. I love this outfit, esp. the parka, a girl can never have too many of anything!

  13. I love this outfit! ESP. The parka and boots. A girl can never have one too many of anything!

  14. these photos are gorgeous ! and i love the boots


    ♥ Ellen