Jul 26, 2012

Weekly Wants #15


High heels / Akira fringe handbag / Stacking bangle, $17 / Vince Camuto pyramid stud earrings / ASOS hair accessory / Lightweight Oversized Beanie 

Man, where do I begin? I know that I've been lagging on my Weekly Wants, but I've been really laying low on shopping....besides these few exceptions. Ok, I'm just going to straight out admit that I have been lusting over these accessories and I will eventually make my way to getting all of them. I'm going to explain each one, because none of these things relate to the other: 

1. Head Chains- These can be so bohemian/grecian/beachy depending on what you pair it with! I love the goddess look it gives. 

2. Bucket Bags- I've been truly smitten with the bucket bag trend. I saw this bucket bag being worn by a fellow blogger ( The lovely Julie from Pop Champagne) and I thought it was just gorgeous. The construction of it is beautiful and the price isn't too bad at $60 (I've seen some going for way more). 

3. Gold studs- I like gold and I like studs. No need to explain here. :)

4. Slouchy Beanies - I seriously have the worst luck with beanies. I either lose them or...yeah, that's about it, I just always lose my beanies. The next one I want it to give that perfect slouch and I will TRY not to lose it. 

5. Silver Jewelry - Yes girls, I'm opening up to silver jewelry. I thought I needed some variation in my life. 

6. Blue Suede Wedges - or just suede wedges in general. I'll probably stay safe and get black or beige because I wear those colors more often. I just find them to be so comfortable and makes a simple outfit look so chic. 

Alrighty guys, my boyfriend and I have an exciting formal dinner to go to this weekend for my younger brother, so I HOPE I will be able to take pictures of what I wear. Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh I love these!!! XOXOX :)

    MayT Essentials

  2. I have those shoes!! I have them in that blue shade, pink, and leopard print. lol I am wearing the pink ones now, and the leopard are my favorite! I have a hard time sometimes trying to decide waht to wear the blue ones with. I hope you do get them though and give me inspiration!

    I love that bag, and I also have always had a hard time finding a beanie with the perfect amount of slouch to it. It seems so easy for celebrities to find!

    I have been wanting one of those grecian/nicole richie head pieces for soooo long-I'll probably get it from ebay if i get one because I never see them at F21 or places like Marshalls/Ross.

    Oh and I am literally wearing those stud earring in a gunmetal at the moment! LMAO! I am going to try to get an OOTD up on my blog for this outfit. lol You have such great wants!!!!

  3. Where can I get the head chain?..I see so many people with it but I don't know where to buy one.

  4. Okay, seriously? Not helping my shopaholic cravings...hahaha! I love this entire list ♥
    The blue wedges are so spot on for what I want. They're the perfect shade of cobalt blue!

    Trendy Teal

  5. Great examples! :) I love these accessories, best wishes! :)

  6. Oh wow!! Amazing spike bracelets!! :)

  7. Have a great time at the formal dinner, looking forward to seeing your outfit :) I really like the bucket bag, they're a cool accessory to an outfit for a bit of an edge.

  8. Love the blue metallic shoes

  9. Loving the earrings!
    Lisa, you should just totally go for the blue wedges!! You won't regret it at all! :) Or... both!!!

  10. Blue suede shoes, yes!!!!!!!