May 12, 2012

Weekly Wants #12

High Waisted Shorts

H&M high waisted shorts, £15
Miss Selfridge high waisted shorts, $26
Topshop high waisted shorts, $30
Miss Selfridge high waisted shorts, $26
Something Else short shorts, £85
Angel Eye pink shorts, £25

Happy Saturday Girls! 

Look at these lovely warm toned high waisted shorts. I've always been more drawn to warm tones because I think it goes well with my light skin and brown hair color. More specifically, I've been trying to find a perfect pair of high waisted beige or salmon colored shorts, but have had no luck. I would order them online, but I really want to try them on first. Finding these affordable cute shorts on Polyvore was easy, but finding them in the actual store is another story. I guess my quest to find my perfect salmon colored shorts lives on! 

Where do you girls buy your high waisted shorts?



  1. I've been working up the courage to just go ahead and buy a pair of these...ugh, but I want to try them on first before I buy them and the only places I can find good looking high waisted shorts is online!
    Haha, good luck finding yours, and when you do get one, you'll have to take pictures :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. I love the shorts from TopShop!


  3. I love them all!

    I'm really into high waisted shorts!

  4. Love high waisted shorts.. They are all lovely above, especially the pink one ... I usually buy it in the online shop...
    I even post my article in my second last previous post, you can check in this link

    Love high waisted short <3

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  5. Love all these colours! Sadly I've have yet to find a pair of high waisted shorts that flatter my rather voluptuous bottom!

  6. Lovely, H&M is the best!


  7. w00t thanks so much for links to all these styles! I'm off to shop! >: D

  8. Aw they all look so, so cute! Can't even pick my favorite! The color is really nice as well!

  9. Love the second high waisted bow tie one!!! So pretty! BTW I am following you via GFC and bloglovin (#22) both! Would you like to follow back? Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  10. Very pretty shorts! I tend to find all of my high waisted shorts in thrift stores.

  11. these are super picks! yes, would def. try it this summer... and i love the top middle one. :)

  12. I really didn't have much high waist shorts until very recently! My first and only pair for a long while was from H&M! But now I totally can't wait to go back to a thrift store and make my own! It's so easy and way more affordable :)