Apr 3, 2012

Mixing Fabrics: Denim, Floral, and Knit

Floral Top//Urban Outfitters, Denim Jacket//Vintage Levi Strauss, Knitted Sweater//Banana Republic, Watch//Anneklein

I went out to do some street photography last Friday, and this was the outfit I wore. For this outfit I mixed three different elements: Floral, denim, and knit. It was a really windy day in SF, so the only thing that was on my mind was to layer as much as I possibly can. I first started off with my floral button up, then put on a jean shirt, and I was actually going to stop there, but I still felt cold, so I layered on a knitted sweater. I like how the outfit ended up! All of the elements somehow meshed together and formed this awesome mix of patterns and textures. It was a casual outfit that was perfect for me to walk around the city shopping and snapping photos of the liveliness that makes SF what it is. I was just looking back at my photos last night and thought to myself how lucky I am to live near such a unique little town.

The last picture was taken while I was shopping in UO and I just so happen to come across these pairs of spiked Litas. I was mesmerized by their construction and the super sharp spikes (yes, I poked the spikes...out of curiosity). These are some incredibly badass-makes-me-want-to-become-a rock-star-and-join-a-motor-cycle-gang type of shoes. If I ever purchased them, I would probably just display them on my table and stare at them all day long. They are just too cool, man. 

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  1. oh yes those are bady boys, but oh so cool to wear!!
    i like that mixed outfit, u look cosy perfect for some street photography!

  2. Ohh wow! I think it's cool how you mixed so many styles/fabrics together! I really like it with the open jean top so you can see more of the floral! Very cool :D

    You know what.. lol.. When I was in SF I grabbed that same pair (by the heel of course) down from the shelf so I could take photos of it for Jenna. Of course I felt so dumb for grabbing it that way without thinking! haha :)

    1. The spikes actually can hurt someone! They should put a warning sign on those babies! lol

    2. ahhaha!! That's true! I think the UNIF Hellraisers come with band-aid stickers or something. lol

  3. I love how you mixed these fabrics together! SF's weather can be so surprising sometimes, I've been trying to experiment with layers too!

  4. Those shoes are amazing!!! I totally do the same thing with my Hellbounds. Just sit there and stare at them! You can do some major damage with those spikes!

    And I really love this outfit and how cozy you look. You look like you are ready for anything and comfortable too!

    1. Your hellbounds look amazing! I see why you would Jenna :)

  5. Haha, oh man, I know! Those spiked Litas are something I've debated getting. I've read they actually scratch people too because the spikes are so sharp. Now those are some badass shoes!
    Great texture in your outfit, very cute layering. Denim will go with everything! I love my denim top :)

    Trendy Teal

    1. The ones I saw at UO were $190! I would love to own them one day in the future!

  6. This is my kind of outfit!

  7. Dude, those shoes are phenomenal! Spiked aren't usually my style, but these are pretty sexy:)




  8. Lovely layers. I love how you played with various textures. You are beautiful and those JC'S are sick. I am a follower of yours. Can't wait to browse your entire blog. Don't be a stranger.


  9. Those spiked litas are bad ass! I would totally rock those with some floral leggings & like a chiffon top.. Cute outfit, love the cardi looks so comfy :)

    - Charisse

  10. Hey! Love your photos and blog. Great style! And those shoes..ahhh....lovely!

    I am following you now. Hope you'll do it back. I also entered your giveaway. Thanks!!!

    I also have a giveaway right now. Come check it out if you have time.


  11. love the way you've layered your outfit. and those shoes are pretty amazing as well!


  12. love that outfit, especially that knitted sweater! and omgggggg at those spiked lita's!!! xxx

  13. wow those shoes are awesome!!!

  14. Lovely shoessss <3

    I am ur new follower..
    Head on to my blog when u get some time: makeupandbeautytips-home.blogspot.com

  15. I want that shoes! The spikes are fierce! love it!!!

  16. I love your layering in this post! Floral + denim + cream cardi...LOOOOOVE<3.

    <3 Jo


  17. omg i love the shoes!!kisses

  18. You had the pefect layering, love the denim/floral knit mix.
    And i would do the same with the shoes! Too cool to wear them hahahahah


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  20. Love the cardigan in combo with the denim blouse! Can't wait to see the street photography :)


  21. cuteee outfit, i love all the layering you did!! and those shoes are sickkk!

  22. Love that shoes! Aaaaah dying for one. But i'm wondering if it'll be too funky for me? But nevertheless, Love it! Loving your blog! New follower here! :)