Mar 15, 2012

Safety Pin Necklace

First you need a pack of safety pins, and a necklace that you are willing to work with. Mines was a random brass colored one that I lost the pendant to. If you have a necklace that actually matches the pins, then that would be even better. 
Did I forget to mention how easy this project is? All you have to do now is string the safety pins onto the necklace. The top of the safety pin has a very convenient hole, so just string your necklace through that. 
Put as many safety pins as you desire. I chose to put quite a few...about 20.  
This is where you can get creative. So I took a couple of pearls and strung them on to three different safety pins. I thought it gave it a little sweeter, softer look. You can add whatever you would like at this point. Colored beads, string, crystals, whatever your heart desires. 

I bet you're wondering, Lisa, why do you have so many safety pins? Well, last semester I bought a pack of safety pins because I was making ribbon pins for a group presentation. I ended up only using 3 pins, so I was left with a whole pack of safety pins. I knew this would happen, so I decided to buy it in gold, because I primarily wear gold brassy jewelry. If you're more of a silver girl, buy the silver ones. A pack of 100 safety pins can range around $1-$3 dollars, so this is definitely an affordable DIY project that takes seconds to make!

I hope you guys have fun making this :)



  1. such a cute idea!!! id wear it a bit shorter on my neck or just on the collar line..absolutely love this idea! xx

  2. Ooh, what a cute and simple DIY! I'll definitely have to try this over spring break :)
    I love the idea of stringing pearls in the pins <3

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  3. Wow, that's genius and so simple and cheap!! I've been loving bib type necklaces and this fits the bill nicely! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    Love the added pearls too!

    Thanks for joining my contest and all the very nice comments you leave me. You're such a sweet girl, Lisa! Your nice words never go unappreciated!♥♥♥

    - Josie

    1. Aww thanks Josie, that was a really nice comment! You're one of the sweetest bloggers I've talked to! It makes blogging more fun when I am able to interact with cool people that share my interests :)

    2. I think you are also one of the sweetest bloggers :) I can feel your sincerity in your posts and comments :)

      And I agree, it's way more enjoyable with good company!!!

  4. love this DIY!! excellent way to get rid of some safety pins, i always hv so many lying around lol

  5. OMG!! really good idea!

    lovely DIY necklace!!
    nice blog, i invite u to visit mine!


  6. That's a sweet DIY! I should try it out some time :)

  7. Great necklace! Love your blog. I follow you! Please follow me too!
    Thanks and kisses from spain

  8. This is such a unique idea! :D
    I've tagged you in a tag :D

    1. Awesome! I'll check out the tag :)

  9. ahhh such a cute idea i love this!! i've made a safety pin necklace that i used to wear all the time, but its a little different, but i just love this idea im definitely going to have to make one!!! thanks for sharing! i love that you can put pearls or like..anything on the safety pins too its soo cute!!

    and thanks for your sweet comment on my st pattys day post, now i know i made at least one person laugh today haha

  10. amazing:)