Jan 9, 2012

Ambrosia: Coffee of the gods

I finally tried the infamous Phil's Coffee! A lot of my friends are always talking about how good this place is, so I knew I had to try it for myself. For my first ever cup of Phil's, the lady suggested that I tried the Ambrosia Coffee of the gods. Yes, that's actually the name. The name alone gave me high expectations for the cup I was about to receive. It was a medium roast that tasted really rich, dark, and had this caramel after taste. It was quite delicious. So delicious, that I wouldn't mind going to grab a cup right now. To be honest, after tasting this coffee it makes my average cup of joe taste like bitter watered down coffee beans. I will never look at coffee the same way again. 


PS. I just came back from my road trip so pictures from my trip will be up tomorrow!


  1. Ooh! I love finding new coffee places! Yummm, reading your words are already making me thirsty. :)

    Love the shades!
    Nice to see you bloggging again :)

    ♥ candace from july+after

    1. Hey Candace! Thanks, I got the shades from H&M! And yes, I finally found some time to start blogging again. Happy to be back <3