Dec 18, 2011

My Favorite Finds: 2011

This year is quickly coming to end! I don't know about you guys, but I had a wonderful 2011. Like every other year, I tried out new products that ended up becoming my all time favorites. I wanted to compile a little list of all of my favorite beauty products, clothes, etc. that I bought this year and now can't live without. This definitely will be helpful to many of you, because I can guarantee that these products are awesome!

1. The Naked Palette. 
I'm sure most of you have this already, but from the first day I ordered this palette, it has been the one palette that I have used all year. I kind of feel bad because I've neglected all of my other eye shadow palettes, but it clearly shows how good this palette is! You won't regret trying this one, and now you have two to choose from. Although, the Naked Palette II is a little hard to find at the moment. 

2. Smashbox's Eyeshadow in Vanilla. 

This color became my staple highlighting color for the eyebrow bone and inner eye area. Its this perfect matte off white shade that I couldn't find a duplicate for. The color lasts and its so pigmented. 

3. Shoes from Forever 21
I wasn't so sure about the quality of the shoes at F21 because I always stuck to Steve Maddens and Aerosoles, but this year I gave it a chance and was very pleasantly surprised. I bought a pair of suede oxfords, brown combat boots, wedges, and leather boots and they have all been great. They're all really good quality, so I am pleasantly surprised. So if you are on a budget, but want stylish footwear, don't be afraid to check out Forever 21's shoe section. 

4. Jewelry from random places.  
I can't believe all of the the vintage jewelry that I have found while thrifting/vendors/etc. My collection is growing bigger and bigger. My most favorite are the abundant amount of earrings that I find. I would have NEVER been able to find them in retail stores, so they are my little unique treasures. Visit your local flea market/thrift stores, it may take a little while to find the things you like, but trust me, it's worth your time!

5. Heavenly Body Mist from Victoria's Secret
I love beauty products from Victoria Secret almost as much as their cute clothing and lingerie. This year I bought their lotions and body mists and fell in love with the Heavenly scent. It smells like a very feminine baby powder. I can't get enough of it. If I'm not wearing my Juicy Couture perfume, then I'm wearing this. Added plus, a small bottle is only $15 so it won't break your budget. 

Also, I did an interview with one of my fellow fashion bloggers, Pippa Holliday! Check out the interview and her blog here: 


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