Nov 5, 2011

Nothing Better Than Sweets On A Gloomy Day.

Hey everybody,

I've had a really rough school week. Work upon work. I really try my best to fit in some time just to relax here and there, but I guess those aren't going to be that often now that midterms and finals are approaching. On top of that, another set of papers and projects are already rolling in. In times like these, I just try to keep a positive attitude and really try not to let the stress get to me. I'm glad I have people to talk to, it keeps me sane to just say what I'm feeling rather than keep it all in. I know a lot of the high school & college students out there are on the same boat. I hope you guys are keeping afloat and managing all of the work as well!

On a lighter note, I've been enjoying my time here on Blogger + Lookbook. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. I really love blogging and seeing all of your blogs out there. Everybody has a uniqueness about them that I just love.

Ok, it's been fun, I have to get back to studying now.



  1. Im on my spm and your showing me cupcakes.. life´s not fair!!! hahahah


  2. omg they look delicious. i'm so hungry!