Oct 1, 2011

Seafood Cravings

The other day, my bf and I had a craving for some seafood, so we stopped by one of our favorite places. Funny thing is, I know where it is, but I never stopped to look at the name. I'll be sure to get the name for you guys if any of you are curious. We got grilled salmon on a bed of cheesy risotto and their classic fish and chips. It was as delicious as the first time we had it. After we finished, our sweettooths were hinting at the crepe and gelato place we were so conveniently sitting near. We ended up getting a strawberry and banana nutella crepe with a scoop of double shot expresso gelato. I savored every bite. It was one of the prettiest and tastiest crepes I ever had.  



  1. This post just made my mouth all watery! No lie!

    Yesssss, what is this place called and WHERE do you live? Like city wise.. haha!
    I live in Chicago, so I need to find something like this.

    Love Diana,

  2. If you ever come down to San Francisco, come check out the famous Powell shopping center! Awesome food, and awesome clothing stores all in one!