Oct 16, 2011

Out and About

Is it Sunday already? Time sure flies. First I'll talk about my outfit. I'm wearing another one of my dad's shirts. It's one of his Van Huesen dress shirts that he didn't want anymore for some reason. I gladly took it. I'm just in love with loose fitting clothes that drape rather than tight clothes that I can't move in. I paired it with a pair of Levis and my suede oxfords. I steer more toward Casual/Chic styles.

He had on his Michael Kors Plaid shirt (Have you noticed that I'm a huge fan of MK? lol) and his H&M sweater and a pair of Levis. He looked so cute, I gave him a little photo shoot as well. Despite all of the funny awkward poses he gave me, they turned out well.

And lastly, we went to the Photo Fair yesterday and found these cute little keychain tripods and he got some for the both of us. Matching couple key chains? I know, we're so cheesy, but hey they're mini on- the-go tripods! It's cuteness and convenience all mixed into one.



  1. SO I just got my sunnies in the mail. BUT they're not as big as yours :( Or how I really wanted them :/ They're 2 inches, I wanted them like HUGE, haha. Oh i'll blog about them soonn!!

    Thank you for helping me out thou, your such a great person! And you JUST inspired me for tomorrows outfit.. I'll take my new badboys out.

    Love, Diana


  2. you two are so lovely! great style, and loving your blog. following, and hope we can stay connected!