Oct 19, 2011

My Thrift Finds: #1

A Lunch Box
On my recent trip to the flea market, I found this cute little lunch box. It's denim with brown leather trimmings on the side and the satin lining on the inside has this really cute blue and white tree design. I thought it was the most adorable little bag that I had ever seen. It gives off this vintage look that I couldn't resist. I thought it would be nice to incorporate into some of my looks in the future. 
PRICE: $1.00

On the same trip, I found these gorgeous rings. They looked so glamorous and shiny, I immediately steered toward the table where the lady was selling them. I really liked the black and the clear stones. I see myself wearing this to a fancy dinner party or any other occasion where I would need to dress up. This would really be a great addition to a LBD (Little black dress). 
Price: $2.00 (For both)

This ring isn't a thrift find, but since I was on the subject of rings, I thought I would just add it to this post. I got this ring at H&M and I just loved it. I wear a lot of neutrals, so this will fit with my clothes perfectly. I've been trying to find a big neutral colored statement ring for the longest time, so I just had to grab this one.
PRICE: Around ~$5.00

I hope you guys liked this little segment of my thrift finds. If you guys thought this was interesting and would like me to continue posting my future finds, please let me know!



  1. I like this section, you should keep it up ! I always find it so interesting what people find at flea markets/when they're thrifting, especially when they get such great deals like these items here.

  2. good thriftin' :) i need to take myself to the flea market.

  3. Don't you just love thrifting?! *That lunch box is too cute!

  4. cute thrift finds! LOVE the bag + rings! They're amazing :) So cheap too!!

  5. amazing finds, amazing photos and amazing blog!! I am your new follower:)