Aug 19, 2011

Versace Pour Homme Cologne

Hey my male readers!
 If you're looking for an amazing cologne for yourself (or if you're a girl and you want to buy one for a boyfriend, brother, cousin, dad, or any other special man in your life), I think my brother Michael found a really good one for you!

It's called Versace Pour Homme Eau de Toilette. The smell is fresh with a hint of sweetness. The website says that it is "the new fragrance for men created from essential notes of the Mediterranean".

As a women, I really liked the scent. It was strong, but not overwhelming. I feel that scents are really hard to explain in writing so I would suggest you go to a counter and try it for yourself.



  1. i love daisy by marc jacobs!

  2. Charisse! I really want to get it! :)

  3. i recommend it! :] I'm looking for another one, i was looking at chloe' but i'm not sure if i like the scent lol

  4. I was looking at Chloe also, but I didn't get a chance to smell it! We'll go perfume shopping on Wednesday :)