Aug 25, 2011

New School, New Adventures

Oxfords, flats, and boots are my shoes of choice for school.
My school bag. It's durable enough to hold my books.
I'm exploring the campus.

I just finished my first week of classes at a new campus! It's always exciting to be in a new environment with new faces, new scenery, and of course, new adventures. I'm starting to get use to the commute. I find it to be kind of relaxing after a long day of classes, but I just wonder how are the days going to be when the weather gets worse. Never mind that, I'm going to think positive and just take in these beautiful sunny days that we've been having. My classes are cool. I got lucky this semester with my professors. They're all interesting and insightful. Overall, I'm liking this university. I think I made the right choice for myself. It's pretty awesome.



  1. I'm glad you like the school. I loved it, but I didn't feel comfortable there. I was in love with the commute. I would plug in my earphones and just be in my mind and take in the beauty around me. But after awhile nothing was motivating anymore.. esp since I never got comfortable and the only thing I kept looking forward to was seeing my friends as soon as I left school. Soon enough 2 of my friends took a break from school, so I took a hard look at my college experience thus far. It led me to leave the school. But I still love it so much. I hope you grow to love and find a place there for yourself.

  2. I definitely understood what you meant when you said you "didn't feel comfortable there." That's pretty much how I felt at my old school too. Although it's exciting, it's also difficult adjusting to a new environment. I hope you're at a better place now, because I know you'll continue to do great things in your future Nga!