Aug 17, 2011

A Crazy Stupid Love-ly Wednesday

The menu
This jar added to the decor of the place
Pesto Mozzarella Eggplant Sandwich
It's a heart
Rosemary and Sea Salt fries
Cantaloupe, Cucumber, and Lemon infused water
Miniature S+P
The next movie we want to watch! Jim Sturgess is in it!
Crazy Stupid Love <3
Charisse and I hung out today on this lovely Wednesday (check out her blog here).We went to this adorable little cafe called Cafe 15, and since we both pretty much have the same taste, we both ended up ordering the pesto eggplant and mozzarella sandwich and a side of rosemary fries. I thought it was delicious. I would recommend you guys to go check it out for yourself. 

After that, we went to watch the movie Crazy Stupid Love which we LOVED. Mainly for the fact that Ryan Gosling was gorgeous and charming, and Steve Carrell and Emma Stone were hilarious. They all had great on-screen chemistry which made the movie really funny and enjoyable to watch. 

Sadly, school starts next week for me and Charisse so we're trying to enjoy what is left of our summer. But...I'm actually pretty excited also. We're on our way to a new school. Which means we'll meet new friends and have new experiences. It's bittersweet. 


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