Jul 21, 2011


Bored of wearing the same outfits the exact same way every time? Want to find a way to make your outfits more interesting? Easy. Put on a scarf!

Whenever I find myself getting bored with my outfits, I bring out my accessories. In this case, all of my scarves. Scarves are so versatile. There are thick knitted ones for the winter and light silky ones for the summer. A scarf can make a plain white t shirt look very chic and put together. It can turn a regular v-neck into a fashion must have. So, if you're ever in a dilemma, grab a scarf!
From L to R: Silk, Nautical, Cheetah, Bohemian, and Indian Handmade Scarves
I got a majority of these scarves from Forever 21 and small boutiques around my neighborhood.

So what are some of your favorite accessories?




  1. I agree, scarves can make a simple outfit look great.. They're also one of my favorite accessories. Another one that i really love are hats. It can make an outfit stand out and if you're having a bad hair day it solves the problem and you look cute as well :)

  2. Exactly, that's why I love scarves! Hats are awesome too, I need to buy more!

  3. I haven't tried wearing scarves. That's why I envy people leaving in other countries, because wearing scarves is just natural for them. Here in the Philippines, majority of us don't have scarves because we have a tropical weather. People wear hats and sunglasses rather than scarves. But I like and would love to wear one though.

  4. Hello Jelai from the Philipines! Since you live in a hot area, you should try wearing silk scarves. They are nice and light so you can wear them in tropical areas!