Jul 27, 2011

My Top 3: Makeup Highlighters

Highlighter: What is it?
Typically in the makeup world, a highlighter is what a makeup artist uses to "highlight" or in other words brighten up a person's face. Usually it is applied on the top of the cheekbones, the eyebrow bone, the inner tear ducts, down the bridge of the nose, and the cupid's bow (The top of the lips).

My Opinion
As an aspiring photographer and makeup enthusiast, I am in charge of making our clients feel beautiful and confident. The first step to that process is making their skin look amazing. From the different photo shoots I have done, I can tell you that the highlighter is my SECRET WEAPON. Some of my clients even ask me what I do to make them "glow" and "radiant" in their photos because they love how they look! I always know exactly what they're talking about when they say that. 
Here are my Top 3 Favorite highlighters:

#1 Clinique Shimmering Tones Powder Quad (Top Right Brick)
If you want to get the most bang for your buck, I would definitely recommend this shimmer quad. For this review, I'm only talking about the top left square. I find that I reach for this the most when I need a highlighter. It's easy to use because I can choose to use a brush or my ring finger to apply it on. It gives my face this radiant healthy glow and the shimmer is flattering, not overwhelming. The other colors can be used as separate eyeshadows or all together as a nice shimmery bronzer.

#2 Smashbox Artificial Light
For photoshoot purposes, I reach for this one the most. I'm a big fan of Smashbox products because all of the products I buy from them always end up being some of my best purchases. This "artificial light" gives me the glow that I'm looking for. It gives off a little bit of a pink hued micro finish shimmery color. I have tried it on almost every skin color and have had good results every time!

#3 Anastasia Matte Highlighter Pencil
Anastasia is a makeup brand that primarily sells eyebrow products. I hear they have some of the best eyebrow pencils and powders in the business (and I will most definitely try them out in the future). I love this highlighting pencil because unlike the others, it is MATTE. There is no shimmer whatsoever in this highlighter. This works best when I'm going for a more natural look, nothing too fussy.

Here are my Swatches (In order)
As you can see they all give off a different finish. Usually the rule in makeup is that if you are using a powder foundation, then you should stick with a powder highlighter and if you're using a liquid foundation, then it is best to use a liquid or cream highlighter. Why? Because some textures just simply don't work together (i.e a powder foundation with a cream blush, you'll end up rubbing off all of your powder foundation)...but I'm all for experimenting. I say, if something works then forget the rules.

What are some of your favorite highlighters?



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