Jul 19, 2011

My Top 3 Favorite Shades

I must admit, one of my all time obsessions are shades! I can't help but always find myself at the end of a shopping day going to the shades section trying on every pair to see which frame fits my face best. It was tough, but I narrowed down my top 3 favorites!

#1 Large Round Sunglasses
These are cute, chic, and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. It adds an interesting touch to any simple outfit. I adore these. Surprisingly I found these on Ebay for $10 just by searching for: large round sunglasses. 

#2 Tortoise Shell Round Sunglasses
I usually wear these when I want a toned down version of the first one. They're cheetah print, but in real life they are much more subtle than it looks in this photo. I got these at Urban Outfitters.

#3 My Good Ol' Big Shades
These are my go-to shades when I'm running late. They are a perfect frame for my oval face and they shield my face from the harsh uva/uvb rays. These are perfect for the beach or any time you know you'll be out in the sun for a really long time. I got these at Forever 21 for $5.80.

So what are your favorite shades? I would love to know! 


Lisa <3

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