Jul 18, 2011

Love, Lisa.

Hey friends. If you're seeing this blog, it's probably because I personally directed you to this page through word of mouth, my facebook, lookbook, or my tumblr. I love taking pictures and I love fashion, makeup, music, etc. so I decided to revamp my old blog (from 2008!) and make it into a blog dedicated to everything I currently love and more. I hope you guys will find my blog posts helpful and fun.

Here are some things to help you navigate through

1. Subscribe: I made this blog easier for you guys by enabling you to follow me through email ( if you don't have a blogspot account), so just scroll all the way down and put in your email address and you'll get updates whenever I put up a new post. Unfortunately, I can't see who subscribes to me through email, but thank you all in advance if you decide to subscribe! Or leave me a comment on one of my posts to let me know if you subscribed :)

2. Lookbook: Here is my lookbook. Fan & Hype!



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  1. Beautiful: styles, photos, blog!